If you are in need of an appliance, you may not be thinking about the financial toll it might have on you at first. Even a few months from purchasing an appliance, the expense of the item can echo in your finances.. At Varouj, we understand that when you need a washing machine or a heater, you are desperate to fix the problem at hand. After all, no one likes to be cold in filthy clothes, right? But, at the same time, expenses might, unfortunately, outweigh your immediate needs. We provide a solution for that!

At , we offer 12-month financing options for our customers. This can be particularly advantageous to customers that need their appliances immediately, yet still have time to pay the appliance incrementally each month.

Our financial options are beneficial to our customers because it ensures that you won’t be turned away from purchase just because you can’t make one full payment. Our financing options range from six to 36 months, which offers our customers a diverse number of payment plans to choose from. Of course, this financing option is only accepted for qualifying purchases available at participating retailers.

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